Pandora jewelry sparkle party

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Pandora jewelry sparkle party

Messagepar snethoip » Jeudi 23 Mai 2013 09:46

Pandora Ireland more numerous fashion up to the people to come to join the festivities carefully crafted a sound and light Phantom wonderful party.

Into the party scene, as if coming to a luxurious Symphony dream paradise. Shallow drunk blurred pink purple Qingyong sweet, pleasant, winding out the entire field filled with gorgeous feeling in the bright lights under the mapping wanton revelry. Inspire more people is the exclusive Pandora Charms Ireland specially created their own brand of helicopters, will fall from the sky frighten the audience. Pandora exclusive aircraft stylish cute, conceived also Pandora brand LOGO from the unique "O" for inspiration, as well as in the product also has the shape of cute airplane design, but also symbolizes the coming of Pandora formally enter the Chinese market, It carries the brand of China's infinite love and glamor come to expect in front of everyone.

Taiwan famous artist Miss Wu Peici with Pandora Charms Asia president MR. Hans Hornemann Huo • Mr. Hans slowly walked down the helicopter, Bright LED lights along the runway to create aesthetic and to. Miss Wu Peici scene interpretation for everyone Pandora jewelry which began around a series of fashion with the Pandora "fashion generalist" wild skill perfect present. In addition to elegant and charming "nine body beauty" Miss Wu Peici, the star-studded field, known as "the new generation of rock girl" Mainland Mo chess celebrities, who starred in Feng Xiaogang's movie "You Are the One," the young actor Gong Xinliang Mainland sexy, sweet supermodel Shi Zhou Liang, popular good man hair radius, the mainland generation actor, "Palace 2" in the 14 princes Wei Qianxiang and mainland actress Li Xin Ru famous so stunning debut in the Pandora Charms Online decorated under the more charm.

Commenting on the opening event, gentlemen stars have expressed excitement, and in the subsequent interactive session with live guests shared their stories of jewelry. Day party is also very commendable performances, a blend of light and shadow, sound and music lingering atmosphere will step heating, graceful and beautiful dance like Pandora New season simple lines on the current design, ingenuity Wonderful Italian finger performances Pandora Jewellery is a symbol of the strength of both the extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship, so the scene everyone all sigh as if experiencing a luxurious adventure, as if in person for a period of visual and fingertip carnival, and free personality, romantic elegant, fun and creative Pandora jewelry as it's name suggests has a fan like crazy like magic.

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