Pandora Jewelry -Forever Love Ferris Wheel

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Pandora Jewelry -Forever Love Ferris Wheel

Messagepar snethoip » Jeudi 23 Mai 2013 09:43

Pandora Charms in Beijing China World Shopping Mall held "Forever Love" campaign, dolphin handcrafted, elegant understated charm transformed into an angel on the Ferris wheel with your witness of love and happiness.

As one of the world's three jewelry brands from Denmark personalized Pandora Charms New Zealand, is undoubtedly a vibrant and wonderful world of personality. This was established since 1982 Danish jewelery company by a Ming Jiaopo · Yinfadesen young Danish goldsmith and his wife Winnie founded from Copenhagen city center a roadside shops along the way, has been in the world more than 60 countries have established their own brand stores, each year about 6,300 ten thousand Pandora Jewelry are sold, this also means that every year, every second of the day, there will be a Pandora jewelry are sold somewhere in the world.

In the world of Pandora NZ, full of carefully crafted by hand gorgeous jewelry, which by virtue of magnificent shape, superb technology and rich modern, capturing life in every memorable moment. Each one strap looks as though telling a story, a blend of strong personal style, becoming an important moment in the woman's life a permanent memorial. "Personalize your own jewelry" is a Pandora Jewelry an important part of the design concept, but also the Pandora Jewelry the most unique and most fascinating place. It is not only unique personality, approachable, but also gives unlimited jewelry sentimental value, it is not only jewelry, but also to record memorable moments of happiness in life witness.

Christmas New Year approaching, Pandora Jewelry especially in Beijing China World Shopping Mall B1 layer to create a Pandora Jewelry world together to celebrate the warm season. Ferris wheel symbolizes happiness, legend when it each turn, the world on more than one pair of lovers kissing, because angels on the Ferris wheel.

The Pandora Jewelry specifically dolphin handcrafted, elegant understated charm incarnation of the box on the Ferris wheel, you can use these memorable commemorate the life and presence heart happy memories Charm convey happiness. In conjunction with the top decorated with Pandora Charms NZ unique O-sign with crown Transparent Christmas tree with gift boxes tied with ribbon, beautiful scenes feel like being in a fairy world. The exhibition will span the Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day, with everyone happy to witness and look into the distance.

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